Beware of fraudulent thyroid promises on internet and websites!!

In this age of world wide web, it is easy to access good, reliable and professional help on thyroid related issues. You will find reliable sources of information on thyroid diseases. Beware for being taken for a ride by fraudulent promises on fraudulent websites and this only prolongs your treatment and puts you in despair.

How to see what is genuine or not? Patients can find that out very easily:
  • First these sites post video's of a patient story and get your attention and get you emotionally involved
  • Then they show you books and experts on the subject and suggest how these books and experts changed their lives
  • Then they may show you products that cures it all and how good they feel after that self help treatments
  • They also like to make news in the press by various ways feasible
  • Then they ask you to join today and live a normal life and ask you for your e-mail address
Any patient can be frustrated with any current treatment, its normal, as you expect quick results. Hence, some of us succumb to these fraudulent site and false promises.

Be careful, it is your health. Help yourselve by keeping a record and timing of your symptoms. What other natural products, vitamins and mineral supplements in the form of tablet, capsule of liquids you are taking, even if those are nutritional supplements. In some thyroid medications these natural or vitamin and mineral supplements can interfere in the abortion of your medication.