QoL bij euthyreoot struma en hashimoto na schildklieroperatie

Met vragenlijsten werd de kwaliteit van leven onderzocht bij vrouwen met een goedaardig struma met normale schildklierwaarden na een schildklieroperatie. Conclusie luidde dat zo’n operatie niet bijdroeg aan de kwaliteit van leven.


Hashimoto's thyroiditis is associated with decreased quality of life (QoL). Thyroid surgery could hypothetically lead to an increase in QoL.

Quality of life after thyroid surgery in women with benign euthyroid goiter: influencing factors including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
R Promberger, M Hermann, SJ Pallikunnel, R Seemann, M Meusel, J Ott


In a follow-up analysis of a prospective cohort study that included euthyroid women undergoing thyroid surgery for benign thyroid disease, 248 patients were willing to answer the SF-36 QoL questionnaire.


At follow-up after a median of 26 months, only the SF-36 module of ‘bodily pain’ had increased. Preoperative anti–thyroid peroxidase antibody levels were positively correlated with increasing QoL in the SF-36 modules ‘bodily pain’ and ‘role emotional’. For the presence of histologically confirmed Hashimoto's thyroiditis, a significant positive correlation was found for all modules apart from ‘physical functioning’.


In women with benign euthyroid goiter, thyroid surgery does not lead to an overall improvement in health-related QoL. It should not be recommended for patients with elevated anti–thyroid peroxidase antibody levels. Patients with histologically confirmed Hashimoto's thyroiditis might benefit in terms of QoL.