woensdag 14 oktober 2015

Hoge leeftijd patiënt en weinig ervaring arts risico bij schildklieroperatie

Thyroidectomy is an operation with infrequent but potentially significant complications. This study aimed to determine risk factors for complication following thyroidectomy in California.

Outcomes of thyroidectomy from a large California state database
Anna Weiss, Ralitza P. Parina, Jessica A. Tang, Kevin T. Brumund, David C. Chang, Michael Bouvet


The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development database was retrospectively analyzed from 1995-2010. Main outcome measures were complications including death. Logistic regression identified risk factors for complications.


There were 106,773 patients. 61% were female and 44% Caucasian. 16,287 (15%) thyroidectomies were performed at high volume centers. Complication rates included voice change (0.5%), vocal cord dysfunction (1.1%), hypocalcemia (4.5%), tracheostomy (1.62%), hematoma (1.75%), and death (0.3%).

There was significantly increased risk of complications for patients older than 65 compared to younger than 40. High volume hospitals were protective against complication.


Older age was a significant risk factor for complication following thyroidectomy. High volume hospitals had lower risk. This information is useful in counseling patients about the risks of thyroid surgery.

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