zaterdag 25 mei 2013

World Thyroid Day / Wereld Schildklier Dag

Bron: European Thyroid Association

World Thyroid Day (WTD) is now - 25 May - celebrating its 6th consecutive year of commemoration, the commitment and vigor being demonstrated by all participants mounting with each successive year. This increasingly enthusiastic contribution to supporting WTD activities and events, aimed at raising awareness of thyroid disease among the public, has been acknowledged with great satisfaction by the European Thyroid Association. Meanwhile, the official endorsement by our sister societies ATA, LATS, AOTA has made World Thyroid Day a truly global event.

At a time when the incidence of thyroid disease is rising worldwide, dissemination of information to the public concerning the causes triggering disease as well as its prevention and treatment are of the essence. Hence the importance of this Day, which crucially provides a platform that we may use in multiple ways to arouse and augment awareness, spread knowledge and increase the visibility of Thyroid Associations and also of all the groups of doctors and scientists everywhere committed to thyroid research and to enhanced therapeutic and preventive interventions for our patients.

In other words, World Thyroid Day, which brings together Public, Professionals and Media at a global level, symbolizes and highlights the concerted effort continuously being undertaken to combat thyroid disease.

Never far from our mind is the fact that the economic and social burden brought about by thyroid diseases - among these in particular autoimmune thyroiditis and thyroid cancer, the most common endocrine disease and cancer, respectively - amounts to billions of euros and thousands of man‐hours.

The adherence of numerous thyroidologists around the world to the commemoration of the Day adds up to the conducting of a large variety of events, including open‐door activities, screening instruction, discussions, lectures and small‐scale running events organized by the doctors in association with local authorities and municipalities, exemplifying a synergic collaboration among all concerned.

Since the thyroid gland is so extremely vital to our overall health and vitality, let us all ‘join hands’ in this our concerted endeavor to develop optimal ways for the prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases.

Support World Thyroid Day so as to take part in this joint effort!

Theo J. Visser, President of the ETA
Leonidas H. Duntas, Educational Board ETA
Luigi Bartalena, Secretary of the ETA

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